GONGGI : PM2.5 and PM10.0 sensors with Air Quality Index

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Fine-dust monitoring station near Jeongwang 3-dong, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Channel updates once every minute with PM2.5 and PM10.0 readings from the Nova SDS011 Sensor. Also, provide real-time location tracking capabilities with the GY-NEO6MV2 GPS Module.
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Dust Monitoring Kits' Location
Channel Status Updates
Field 1 Chart
PM 2.5 (초미세먼지)
Field 2 Chart
PM 10.0 (미세먼지)
Field 3 Chart
Temperature (온도 ℃)
Field 4 Chart
Latitude (측정 위치 : 위도)
Field 5 Chart
Longitude (측정 위치 : 경도)
PM 2.5 Distribution
PM 10.0 Distribution
Temperature Distribution
Channel Location
Channel Video
Final Outcome : Fine-dust monitoring station