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Environment data station build with ESP8266 NodeMCU using: 1. GY-21-Si7021 (outdoor temp & hum) 2. DHT21 (indoor temp, hum) 3. DS18B20 (heating water temp) 4. CCS811 (indoor air quality eCO2 and TVOC)
  esp8266 nodemcu, ds18b20, gy-21-si7021, ccs811, tvoc, co2, dht21

Field 1 Chart
Outdoor Temp
Field 2 Chart
Outdoor Humidity
Field 3 Chart
Indoor Temperature
Field 4 Chart
Indoor Humidity
Field 6 Chart
Heating water temperature
Field 5 Chart
Field 7 Chart
L. room eCO2
Field 8 Chart
L. Room TVOC
Compare outdoor temp data from last three days
Compare indoor temp data from the last 3 days
Compare outdoor hum data from the last 3 days
Compare indoor hum data from the last 3days
Correlation between outdoor temperature and humidity
Correlation between indoor temperature and humidity
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