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Test 1/2 for PMS7003 , bme680 and esp32, on an electrical-box and a small fan inside . BME680 use bsec bosch. Gas readings are strong correlated with humidity ( on ULP mode ) , I recommend LP mode.
  pms7003, bme680, esp32

Calidad de Aire Gas IAQ
PM 10 (ug/m3) CAQI
PM 2.5 (ug/m3) CAQI
Field 1 Chart
Field 2 Chart
Field 5 Chart
Field 4 Chart
Field 3 Chart
Field 8 Chart
Field 7 Chart
Field 6 Chart
Number of Measurements for Each PMS10 chnl1
Histogram of PMS2.5 Variation CHNL1
Histogram of AQI_data Variation CHNL1
PMS 10 Devices channel1/channel2
Histogram of PMS2.5 Variation CHNL2/CHNL1
Correlation between gas and humidity CHNL1
Histogram of AQI Variation CHNL2/CHNL1
Correlacion temperatura distintos sensores