Stazione Meteo Outdoor - Noale (VE)

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Solar Weather Station, ESP8266, sensors BME280 and BH1750
  stazione meteo, mecuy62, weather station, esp8266, bme280, iw3hbx, bh1750, noale, venezia, hassio, esphome, node-red, thingspeak42
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Temperature [°C]
Field 1 Chart
Relative Humidity [%RH]
Field 2 Chart
Atmospheric Pressure [hPa]
Field 3 Chart
Dew Point [°C]
Field 4 Chart
Irradiation [W/m²]
Field 5 Chart
Absolute Humidity [g/m³]
Field 6 Chart
Heat Index [°C]
Field 7 Chart
Battery Voltage [V]
Field 8 Chart
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